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Ways to make new mum friends

The Exhausted Mum’s Top 5…Ways To Make New Mum Friends

Becoming a mum is hands down the most life changing experience that you will ever go through.

Becoming a mum is hands down the most life changing experience that you will ever go through. Your pre-baby self was able to do whatever the hell she wanted:

Fancy a holiday? Go on the internet and just book it.

Want a pee? Go to the toilet

Take a shower? Strip off & just stand under those jets (for a long time)

Want a hot coffee? Whack the kettle on

Fancy a snack? Make yourself one

Leave the house? Grab your keys/handbag and walk out of the door (just like that)

Anyway, you understand my meaning. Once you have a baby ALL of this changes. The simple things you once never gave a second thought to, soon become luxuries. You even have to schedule washing hair day (no joke!).

The days where you could previously go on Ibiza holidays, dance the night away, drink copious amounts of cocktails, stumble home, roll into bed totally shit-faced then drag your sorry-self out of bed just in time to do it all over again are long gone (well at least without having to plan them with the meticulousness of the Royal Wedding). WE LOVE YOU HARRY & MEGHAN.

All of a sudden, after 9 long months of carrying your precious baby around with a bump the size of an over-inflated football, ankles the size of the Michelin Man himself and a back that is (no exaggeration) about to break in half at any moment, you are thrown in at the deepest point of a 10 metre swimming pool. Your baby is here; you are exhausted beyond belief, you cry because your husband brought you the wrong ingredients for dinner, you are elated because you can’t believe you’ve actually produced the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in your entire life (apart from maybe Megan Fox — she comes a close second). You’ve actually only gone and bloody done it; you’ve pushed something with the circumference of a melon out of something with the circumference of a pea. You can’t bloody believe it.

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You want to take the baby out, but unless you have invested in NCT classes, the realisation dawns, that you have no bloody mates to go out with. All your actual friends are in work/on holidays or too busy dealing with life’s daily rollercoasters. So how can you make some new mum friends?

1.LEAVE THE HOUSE –More difficult than it sounds, but once you have packed your entire house into one small changing bag & ensured your little sleep thief most definitely has no more poo-residue left on their ankle, then just get out there. Go anywhere; to a local coffee shop (DeRosier, The Eclectic Collection, Belle Amie, The Home Cafe, The Skylark Cafe, Bean & Hop, Cremoloso Gelato), to the park, round the block, to a local restaurant/pub (Bens Canteen, The Halfway House, The Leather Bottle, The Earlsfield, The Hallowed Belly, Roxie Steak) & just strike up conversation with anyone with a kid. They’ll either think you’re totally bonkers (who cares) or chances are, they’re in the same boat as you. Why the hell else would they be sitting somewhere alone with a kid?

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2. GO TO BABY CLASSES –Find out what’s hot in your area and see what works for you. You have a very high chance of finding all sorts of mums; the ones that are overly keen & go to everything (handy for introducing you to more mums), or ones that like to go out and drink wine (your sort of people & maybe you could even schedule in a cheeky glass during the week whilst the little one sleeps). What else is maternity leave for?

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Mush- is afantastic app that hooks you up with local mums in your area who are in the same boat. You can even filter by interest. Check it out.

Pizzup- Hugely fun & usually very boozy mum meet-ups in all sorts of awesome locations such as Neverland Beach Club London. Keep an eye on their Facebook page as there’s always new events being planned. They’re very popular and a fantastic way to meet other mums, so do check the page out & get involved in the next Pizzup.

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4. PLAYDATES –Schedule in some playdates with your new found mush mates/mum group friends so your little ones can have some interaction with other babies their age & you can actually have an adult conversation. You’ll soon find out who your fave new mum friends are & weed out the ones that bore you to death.


GO TO EXERCISE CLASSES –That’s right, exercise. There are so many classes out there from Buggyfit to Yoga you can do with the baby and we can guarantee they will make you feel a whole lot better. Whilst some of them are outdoors (a little bit of fresh air is good for the soul) and some of them indoors (for when that British weather lets you down), find the one that suits you. Nobody ever complained that they felt shit after an exercise class (apart from that one time when we did too many squats and couldn’t lower ourselves onto the toilet) BUT generally it’s a fantastic way to make yourself feel better and hey, even if it’s not for you, you’ll always find that one mum that just wants to slope off to the coffee shop to eat cake with you. Everyone’s a winner.

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That’s it from us for today folks. GO FIND YOURSELF SOME NEW MUM MATES.

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Love The Exhausted Mum xxx

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