An image of me

I’m Laura, mum to Gia, 4, Kaia, 3 and Aleia, 8 weeks. Originally from Wales, now living in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. It’s safe to say that the past few years have been one hell of a rollercoaster of sleepless nights, explosive poo, vomit, toddler tantrums, lots of tears and a hell of a lot of laughter.

Professions (Failed & Current): Singer, Blogger, Social Media Manager, Model, Personalised T-Shirt Maker, Crafter, Event Planner.

Things I love: Chocolate, Coffee, Wine (actually most alcohol), Partying, Holidays, Anti-Ageing treatments/Lotions, Make-up, Baking, My kids (probably should have put them at the start), My husband (forever in the dog house) & My Family.

Why is my blog called the Exhausted Mum?


How do I get through the days?

A bucket of coffee for breakfast followed by a bucket of wine for dinner. Parenting is all about striking that fine balance (if there is one!)

What can you expect?

My blog is a blend of mummy and lifestyle focussing on London & Surrey. I have recently moved from Earlsfield, London to Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. I’ll be reviewing and sharing blog posts on; beauty treatments, holiday destinations, recipes, baby/toddler products, the latest fitness trends & health fads and throwing in a whole load of blog posts on daily life in between.

Collaborations, Reviews, Affiliation & Sponsored Posts 

Collaborations: If you would like to be featured on my website, please get in touch, I’m always looking out for new feature posts.

Reviews: If you would like me to review your business/product, just holler: I promise I don’t bite. Please note, I do get sent lots of items to review, but I will only actually review and endorse products that I genuinely love, so that my followers know they are getting an honest opinion. If I don’t like a product, I will not write the review.

Affiliation: My blogging site contains affiliate links, which are marked with an asterisk. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you purchase the product through my link (happy bloody days!) so please feel free to help out a redundant mum and purchase through my links.

Sponsored Posts: I accept sponsored posts on my blog. Please get in touch.