• Diary showing 2020

    A little (humorous) snapshot of 2020

    2020 January I’m pregnant but it’s okay because the girls are both in school in the mornings. Hahahahaha. I am smug. The word on the streets and the Chinese Whisper (gettit?) is that China has the flu or something, who actually gives a shit? They’re a million light years away! February More people have the Chinese flu, apparently it’s been spread by some bat eating twats in Wuhan (not you Xing Xong – you’re my friend and I know for a fact you don’t like bats). FACT March Boris the albino porcupine (no offence to any real-life albino porcupines) goes on the news confidently to say that everything is under…

  • Chicken Biryani

    Biji’s Biryani Recipe

    My husband is Indian, and his mum (whom my daughters affectionately call Biji) makes the most delicious Indian food. We’ve stolen some of her recipes which we now cook at home and her Chicken Biryani is a household staple. I’m forever getting asked to share the recipe, it’s is super quick and easy to make and also a fab option for batch cooking/dinner parties, so here it is: Serves 6  Ingedients 2 packs of (roughly 600g per pack) skinless/boneless chicken thighs – ChoppedPatak’s Tandoori Spice Marinade (one jar will last for a few biryani’s)1 tub Natural yoghurtGaram MassalaSaltPepperTumericCumin SeedsGarlic (I use the ready chopped jars)Ginger (I use the ready chopped jars)Green…