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    Wrinkles, Mother Gothel & Imedeen

    So aside from being fucking exhausted every day of my life, I’m also quite into beauty, in particular, trying to cling to youthfulness with every fibre of my being. I’ve been (jumps for joy) asked to review these amazing little tablets by Imedeen who are a multi-award winning beauty supplement brand. I’ve been given the Imedeen Derma One range which apparently helps combat the first signs of ageing and assists with maintaining radiance and moisture to help keep the skin supple and youthful. Featuring the exclusive Marine Complex, vitamin C and zinc, this formula contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, supports normal collagen formation and helps maintain…

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    Mystig Meg & Turtle Heads

    I swear my daughters have a sixth sense, it doesn’t matter where I hide, they always find me. Why am I hiding? Well some days, I just want to eat my Maltesers in peace. The other day, I heard Gigi’s approaching footsteps so ducked behind the kitchen counter “mummy?” (Inquisitive) “mummy?” (enraged) “MUUUMMMY?” (Distraught) “Where aaaareeeee you?” (Crying & distraught) Just like that- from 0-100 in a nano-second. I did what any mother would do, I stayed hiding to finish my Maltesers then popped up “aha, you found me” I don’t think she bought it. She could smell the chocolate. She was livid. Then Kaia, well that girl must be…

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    The Turd Burglar & The Unicorn Wand

    So I had to share Thursday’s highlight with you. Today…drumroll please  Kaia Jagdev (11 months) did her first shit on the toilet. I’m so proud of her I could burst. If in my younger years I’d imagined the sorts of events that would make me burst with pride, I’d have had a serious get-a-grip chat with myself. But here I am, at the ripe old age of 36, on a huge high over a turd. Gia’s assistance was invaluable, she pulled her stool (no pun intended) in front of the toilet consoling “pant, pant, push my darling.”  Kaia looked like an angry Phil Mitchell about to burst a blood vessel, meanwhile, Gia just…

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    2 under 2!

    “How do you find having 2 babies under 2? Is it difficult?” “No it’s not too bad now actually.” Difficult?? Difficult is trying to hold your breath long enough under water to swim a length when you’re 8. I’ll tell you the truth, having 2 babies under 2 is like constantly holding your breath under water until you feel like you might burst, then finally coming up for air. Just keep swimming, must keep swimming, must not let myself drown (in the enormous basket of ever-filling filthy shitty washing). It’s like someone sneaks into your brain at night & tops it with a cocktail of Sambucca, Vodka, Gin &…. chocolate…

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