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The Exhausted Mum’s Top 5…Mums Night ‘Out Out’ Venues in Earlsfield.

You have received a text from your bestie “I’ve had the week from hell, baby has just sh*t everywhere, shattered my iPhone screen, had 3 hours sleep in 7 days and I have to get out. Keen?” YES! You call your other half and tell them in no uncertain terms that they are on babysitting duty, but where do you go?

You don’t want to venture too far because; you’re so tired, you’ll probably fall asleep on the tube, you’re so out of practice that you get drunk on alcohol fumes alone, and quite frankly, you can’t be bothered to make thaaattt much of an effort…so it’s probably best that you stay local. If you fancy a bit of local bar-hopping then Earlsfield has some awesome options. Check out the following:

1.THE EARLSFIELD-A former train-ticket office converted into a cavernous Gastropub with dramatic vaulted ceilings and lots of funky interior touches. It’s built beneath the arches of Earlsfield train station (hence it’s rather apt moniker). You can catch up over your first few vinos and kick the evening off in style; immerse yourself in the crowds at the front bar or if you fancy a little bit of people watching, head upstairs to the mezzanine level to soak up the atmosphere. The Earlsfield is a cool venue with cool vibes and often has live music playing over the weekend. It’s the perfect venue for a tipple or ten at an awesome local boozer.

The Earlsfield Pub

2. THE LEATHER BOTTLE –If you’re kicking off proceedings early, then head to The Leather Bottle. Inside you will find a traditional, yet upscale British boozer; perfect for having a gossip & drink with friends. However, it’s particularly fabulous during the summer months as their beer garden is arguably #thebestbeergardeninlondon. When the sun is shining, you could be forgiven for thinking that you‘re in some tropical location (make sure you take your sunnies). Beach huts line the base of the beer garden, which can be hired exclusively for parties/groups etc; they come with blankets, heaters and fitted TV’s so are perfect to get the party started. They also have an outdoor BBQ shack for when the beer-munchies set in. This place gets totally rammed in summer, but we still always (somehow) manage to find a seat. I absolutely love the atmosphere over at The Leather Bottle and they often host events, so do check out their page to find out What’s On over the coming weeks/months. Get yourselves down there this summer, it’s simply fabulous daahhhling.

3. THE WANDLE –A rather lively boozer which fills up as the evening goes on. The Wandle is a Gastropub, named after The River Wandle which runs through the local area. They have a large internal boozing space along with a very decent sized decked beer-garden; perfect for summer boozing, catching some rays and absorbing the atmosphere (they do close off the beer garden during the latter part of the evening so make sure you check it out when you first arrive). We often head here after we’ve started the evening elsewhere (as we like to make the most of each venue on our precious nights out), it’s where the party truly gets started & where your inner Beyonce comes alive. They have live music every Friday & Saturday which usually kicks off around 9.30pm (ish). It gets totally packed throughout the evening, but you usually couldn’t care less as you’re too busy busting out your best moves. We often find ourselves stumbling out of here, but hey, don’t judge we’ve had THE BEST TIME. Check out their page to find out What’s On over the coming weeks/months.

4. GRAFFITI BAR -Your local cocktail bar with huge party vibes and a bloody impressive cocktail list. You just know this place is cool from the outset; spray painted on the external wall is “Welcome to fabulous Earls Vegas SW18” In fact, most of our friends now refer to Earlsfield as Earls Vegas because of this place. They have chalk boards to encourage you to scribble on the interior walls and lots of colourful snaps of some very impressed customers (selfies and photos are very much encouraged). The bar man is usually cocktail throwing, spinning and twisting whilst sparklers are lit giving Tom Cruise a run for his money and they have a varied and fun playlist. They often have throwback tunes so you may or may not find yourself dancing on tables to ‘Don’t stop believin’ at 1am. Fortunately this place is open until 2am so this is your go-to late evening party venue, however it’s also perfect to start your evening with a civilised cocktail or even for all those moments in between. We simply love Graffiti over at Electric Earlsfield HQ so most definitely check it out.

Graffiti Cocktail Bar

5. THE HALFWAY HOUSE -A traditional local boozer with a small yet quirky outside beer garden, The Halfway House is perfect for meeting with your friends (literally right opposite the train station) and grabbing a quick drink before you head on elsewhere. It does have more of a dining vibe early evening, but it’s the ideal option for a catch-up & a chin-wag as you can actually hear one another speaking. The interior decor is quite nice with lots of lovely wallpapers and mirrors, plus they have a mixture of seating options including; booths, tables, big comfy armchairs & outside bistro sets. The only thing I have to criticise slightly is the lighting; it can be quite bright in here & I think they would be better of using some mood lighting as darkness descends to help with the ambience. Apart from that, it’s a great option to include in your ‘stay local’ booze crawl.

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