Personalised acrylic of little girl
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Why The Exhausted Mum Recommends For Personalised Photo Products

18 summers, that’s all we get until our precious children are officially adults. That seems like such a short amount of time, with so many special memories we have to capture.

Everyone who knows me, or even those that don’t but who are interested in my blog and who follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, will know that I am forever trying to capture the moment.

2 cool little girls posing in leather jackets
Another day, another photo opportunity!

As a result and like most parents, I have HUNDREDS of photos of my children on my iPhone.

It’s impossible to even put up a fraction of my favourite photos around my house as there simply wouldn’t be enough wall space, or it would end up looking like a very personalised art gallery. Hello selfies EVERYWHERE.

With this in my mind, I had been meaning to organise some additional photo collages to display around my home. Not only do collages display multi-photos, they also save wall space.

Multi-collage acrylic of little girl
How fabulous is this?

I ordered this fantastic personalised acrylic from which captures my daughter Gia perfectly throughout her three years. I must admit I had a very tough time trying to whittle it down to these ten final pictures, but I am absolutely thrilled with the final product.

Unlike other collage designer/printers, Smiffle very artistically blends the backgrounds so the finished product ends up looking a lot softer and unique than other companies I have used in the past.

Smiffle is a fairly new company which is why I wanted to give them a HUGE shoutout. The designer was incredibly patient when I demanded lots of edits, the delivery was super efficient and the finished product speaks for itself.

Want one for yourself?

If you love the look of this acrylic, do check out their website and give them a follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as they do some amazing canvases and acrylics, the prices are very competitive and they often run competitions across their social media channels.


What are you waiting for? With all the rave about Marie Kondo at the moment, now is certainly the time to get organised, and if you’ve been meaning to print some canvases or acrylics, then there’s no time like the present.

Happy shopping everyone.

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PS: I would like to point out that this product was NOT gifted. I love it that much that I’m even in the process of getting one designed for my other daughter, Kaia.

However, so I’m being totally transparent, I do have a family member working for Smiffle, but I wasn’t asked to write this review. I did it because I love the product and thought I could also help my family out at the same time. WIN WIN.