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Reclaiming PPI

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After having spent the majority of my redundancy money over the last year on everything I shouldn’t have, I have been thinking of easy ways I can make more money.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is designed to cover the monthly repayments of your loan or credit card, if you are made unemployed, have an accident, become sick or die. If you have previously been mis-sold PPI on any of your historic or current accounts, you could be due some serious compensation.

THE 90’s

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Store Cards

During my younger years, I took out every credit card, store card and loan available to me. I always liked to live life outside of my means. It suddenly dawned on me that a number of my accounts were sure to have PPI attached to them. As opposed to using a third party company to do the checks for me, I decided to do some digging myself. Third party companies will always charge a percentage of whatever money is owed back to you.

Low and behold, it only took a few quick phone calls to ascertain that I did indeed have PPI attached to some of my (ancient) accounts.

On 2 March 2017 the Financial Conduct Authority confirmed that the deadline for making a complaint about mis-sold PPI or unfair commission will be 29 August 2019.

Customer complaints will need to be received no later than 29 August 2019. THEREFORE, to reclaim any mis-sold PPI, NOW is the time to act.


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Search Online
  1. Check with your provider whether you had PPI
  2. If you think your PPI was mis-sold, complain to your provider.

The FCA have some useful information on their website on how you can do this yourself for FREE.


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Check your old files

It’s fairly simple to check, just look through your old statements and see whether you had any extra charges attached to your account then follow the steps above.


Your old account provider can usually dig out any historic details just from you providing them with a few personal details such as; your name, maiden name, date of birth and previous addresses. Ensure you have all these details listed when you call. Alternatively, you can complete PPI checks online for the majority of providers.


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More money could be on its way

Store cards were huge in the 90’s, and the majority had PPI attached to them. Most store cards were underwritten by a company called GE Capital which has now been taken over by Santander.

I called up Santander and after a 10 minute phone call, it was confirmed that PPI was attached to 5 of my historic store cards (which I had no account details for). I will now be sent a questionnaire to complete in the post.

How to contact Santander

Call the helpful team on 0800 171 2171 (option 1, option 1, option 1, option 1, then after they provide website details just hold until you are put through to an advisor).

OR you can complete their PPI check online

Which providers are Santander responsible for investigating?

Majority of Store Cards (New Look, River Island, Top Shop, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Miss Selfridge, Laura Ashley etc etc )

For a list of providers (other than Store Cards) that Santander are responsible for investigating, please click here.

I had a previous loan with Cahoot. Santander investigated this the same time as looking into my store cards and I will find out through the post whether this had PPI attached to it, so it’s well worth checking the list above before you call.

What to do if my claim through Santander is rejected?

Complaints that are not related to Store Cards (even those pre 2001) can be directed to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

If it rules in your favour, companies can be forced to cough up compensation (even after your PPI claim has been rejected).

Store cards dating back before 2001 are NOT covered by the Financial Ombudsman, as unfortunately, when the current complaints handling-rules came into force, these did not include store cards.

Fortunately, there is a last resort available. You can go to the underwriter who was supposed to check that you were a suitable borrower at the time.

Before 2001, store cards sold by GE Money (now the responsibility of Santander) were underwritten by a company called Genworth Financial Institution. If you take your complaint directly to them, they will be forced to look again. This is because Genworth ARE under the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman for complaints dating right back to the 1980s.


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List of Reasons

Which has a really helpful list on their website detailing the Top 5 Mis-Selling tactics which includes reasons such as:

You thought PPI was compulsory, you didn’t even know you had it and so on.


Barclays – Online Checker and Information

Lloyds Bank – Online Checker and Information

HSBC – Online Checker and Information

A simple google search of any other providers will ensure you quickly find their PPI complaints page. Please ensure you click on their official websites as there are a lot of third party companies advertising their services that can look like their official website addresses on google.

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Do something great for yourself

SO….What are you waiting for? If you haven’t already reclaimed your PPI, make sure you look into this today and do something great for yourself. In a couple of months, you could be 1000’s of pounds richer.

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