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Wrinkles, Mother Gothel & Imedeen

So aside from being fucking exhausted every day of my life, I’m also quite into beauty, in particular, trying to cling to youthfulness with every fibre of my being. I’ve been (jumps for joy) asked to review these amazing little tablets by Imedeen who are a multi-award winning beauty supplement brand.

I’ve been given the Imedeen Derma One range which apparently helps combat the first signs of ageing and assists with maintaining radiance and moisture to help keep the skin supple and youthful. Featuring the exclusive Marine Complex, vitamin C and zinc, this formula contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, supports normal collagen formation and helps maintain healthy skin.

Any product that mentions the word Collagen, immediately grabs my attention. Supposedly, Collagen is the secret of eternal youth & the Holy Grail within the beauty industry. If you haven’t heard about Collagen, then quite frankly, you must have been

A) hiding under a rock. Or

B) hiding under a pillow. A giant one. Or

C) you have been too busy trying to keep your children alive to even think about wrinkles and Collagen.

Let’s be honest, I need all the help I can get; I haven’t slept for 2 years. And even before children, I thought I hadn’t slept for 34 years. How wrong was I?

Now that I’m 36 – I know, I can’t quite believe it either, and with the extreme lack of sleep that comes with raising two miniature sleep thieves, I look in the mirror & I’m not that impressed with what I see. I’m afraid one day, I will look in the mirror and Mother Gothel, (pre Magical Golden Flower) Tangled, get with the times people, will be staring back at me. Lack of sleep eventually takes a huge toll on your body. It’s been proven. Scientifically. The prospect of this scares me shitless, so I will do whatever it takes and try whatever lotion/potion/tablets are sent my way to assist me on my quest for eternal youth.

I try and do what all the health bloggers suggest; drink more water, eat more avocados etc but the problem is, I bloody love chocolate. I can’t get enough of the stuff. Some days, I have consumed my entire daily calorie allowance in sugar by 10am. It’s what gets me through the days. That and coffee. Lots of coffee. I’m not sure eating my body weight in chocolate, followed by 10 avocados is doing the trick, so…..I need to try something else. I more than anyone need some help in the reversing sun-damage department. When I was living it large in Ibiza back in the 90’s, I thought nothing of frying my face in actual Olive Oil to give me that Ronseal-dipped glow that was all the rage. My mum tried to warn me “you’ll regret it when you’re older” “your damaging your skin” etc etc etc, but obviously I knew best. Anyway, you know how it is, whatever she said I did the exact opposite.

Unfortunately, I’m now seeing the effects of my rebellious younger years and I have all the sagging, fine lines etc that comes naturally (frying your face like a greasy chip) with ageing.

So……All I have to do is pop 2 pills a day (morning and night) and I’ll supposedly be looking like Cindy Crawford (in her 20’s) in no time at all. (That’s not exactly what the company promises, but I do tend to exaggerate). Easy.

The tablets are not exactly cheap, but if they do what they say, then they’re worth every penny. They promise to;

Help improve skin quality
Help improve moisture balance
Help skin look more radiant
Make skin on face and body feel softer, smoother and more supple
It takes around 12-24 weeks to notice any difference so I shall be reporting back in a couple of months and keeping you updated on my Imedeen journey.

An insightful article was written on these little gems back in 2014, so have a read and judge for yourself;

If like me, you believe the hype around anything & everything and you’re impatient to get started, then you should most definitely go throw away some money right now; You can get them direct from Imedeen. Boots also stocks them & they’re currently on offer 3 for 2. Grab yourself a bargain

Here’s hoping you won’t even recognise my face in 3 months time (I never expect TOO much)

Sending you all lots of sleepy vibes. The struggle is real people.


Happy Wednesday. The Exhausted Mum 🙂